Monday, 3 December 2007

The Diaries of Princess Juliana: Volume I

As told by Princess Juliana

19 Virtul 1832

Just now's Grand Gala Ball, I must say, was one of the most interesting Balls I have ever attended. I've never seen a knight as rude, annoying, loud-mouthed as he. Never have I seen a knight take off his helmet so many times just to stare at his own reflection on it.

Daddy wasn't happy with him though. Well, I wouldn't be either! if I were to be insulted like that in front of everyone. Sir whateverhisnameis IS lucky that his head is not gone, like all the other knights, thinking that "up yours" is a compliment. He probably is thanking his lucky stars now, that his head has been spared. I wonder if the task of slaying the dragon has taken too heavy a toll on them and their poor unprotected heads.

Nothing, however, can beat how he wore his helmet the wrong side and no one wanted to tell him because everyone was already sick and tired of all his ramblings about how good he looks and how much his helmet cost... The poor guy fell right into the fountain. Thankfully, the people around him were not as cruel as to leave him in there to drown.

20 Virtul 1832

Oh dear... My pet mice escaped again.

I need to get a more complicated set of locks so that those smarties won't be able to figure out how to escape again. The last one had 3 mazes and 5 different types of locks. Sigh, I must find the kingdom's wisest locksmiths to set another home for them.

21 Virtul 1832

Am I lucky or what?!
Daddy promised that I am being let off from the silly arranged marriage with Duke Frederick the Balding of Billygate.

I don't have to go through all the boring rituals and marry off at 18, like my other sisters. Being the 5th child is definitely lucky.

22 Virtul 1832

Lucky me, but unlucky Emeline...
Daddy said that the marriage was cancelled because he is sending Emeline off with the silly knight and there is no time to organise the wedding. I don't see why he has to send her off! She is afterall his daughter too! I wish daddy wasn't so partial... It always hurts to see Emeline look at me as if I killed her favourite cat or something... Though there was once I did accidentally pushed her fat cat into
the well. But I did ask the gardener to get it out and I did personally bathed it. The cat was never again happy to see me and sheesh, her cat definitely keeps grudges well and long! It's always trying to get my mice.

I'm going to disown those darned mice if they're not coming back!
I hope they are starving to death wherever they are! Some dissatisfied mice indeed.

23 Virtul 1832

Ahh, felt better after taking it all out on chopping off daddy's favourite roses.
Thankfully, my legs are longer than the gardener's short stumpy ones, I managed to outrun him and his ferocious spade. I suppose he loves the flowers more than daddy does, because cutting the flowers off their stalks didn't seem to have any effect on daddy... Not when I cut off the orchids, not when I cut off the petunias, not when I cut off the lilies.

I wished that my sisters would come visit... It's so quiet here without them...
Emeline is not in a superb mood to be with either.

24 Virtul 1832

Daddy hasn't mentioned about when Emeline is supposed to meet this Sir "the great one". I hope he forgets. He didn't look very happy when the gardener told him about his favourite roses. I should have attacked the ugly thorn bushes with the wheelbarrow instead.

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