Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Diaries of Princess Juliana: Volume VII

as told by Princess Juliana

1 Loares 1832

Time Flies!
How I hate Time Flies. Annoying buggers. Kill one and suddenly two minutes are gone. Ticking non-stop into our ears. I'm guessing they've not seen flesh and blood for at least 10 years. Mr. Unhelpful is killing them by the dozen. We're already losing light as it is, now it's almost total darkness. Almost maniacal I would say, the way he's killing the flies. 10 in one swoop... there goes 20 minutes.

Oh! I see some lights flickering in the distance. I hope we've finally reached Velnheim. Traveling with Mr. Grumpy's been no fun at all.

2 Loares 1832

Wow, I love how my room is brightened by the sun. Almost magical.

Oh wait, it is magic. This familiar golden dust. I've seen it somewhere. Where have I seen it? Think think think.
Think, come on, think.

Ah, I give up. Why should I bother anyway?
I'm in a good mood and that is all that matters...
for now.

I suppose we're going to look for the hidden library today. Isaac Angryfirst's library.
Isaac Isaac... why did you have to hide your library?

Mr. Jellybeans is in an absolutely stinky mood.
I didn't think he had such a mean streak in him. I was wrong. I could practically see the ends of his hair frizzle from his wrath. Pushing aside a girl who happened to be standing where she was, perfectly fine, but she apparently was "hogging up the whole road with your stupid pigtails and your ugly eyes!". I can't believe he roared that in front of everybody. It was weird no one seemed shocked though, but surprised, as if she suddenly jumped up and pulled off a feat of shooting into air suddenly and falling so realistically. Some even clapped. What a town!

I still can't believe what he did. All because he couldn't find his library. Big deal. It's not like we don't have time. Oh wait, yes. He must have realised that he killed too many Time Flies. If it wasn't for that maniacal look in his eyes, (I sadly have to admit that I was scared) I would have confronted him. Why, oh, why did I choose to come on this silly "adventure"? Hah. Adventure. What have I gotten myself into?

3 Loares 1832

Oh my, Mazzy scared me out of my skin today. I almost forgot that she was on the journey with us. She has been so quiet the past few days. I do not know what's gotten into her. I've been trying to talk to her but she seems moodier and moodier each time I try to talk about Sir Crazy. In fact, she seems to literally fade each time we talk about him. Oh dear. What on earth is happening?!

Sir Crazy's definitely becoming more than an I Soar (eye sore, get it? Haha!). Ok, that was lame, even my diary twitched when I wrote that. Hah. Aw, come on diary, it's the month of bad seplnlig!

Anyhow, I must look for a doctor to fix Mazzy's condition, disease... whatever it is, it is worrying. I too, I have to admit, am worried for Robert. He's very unlike himself... Maybe I should try harder in helping him look for the library. I think the parakeet on the nearby apple tree knows something. It's been blinking a million times per second at me since yesterday.

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