Sunday, 20 January 2008

The Diaries of Princess Juliana: Volume II

As told by Princess Juliana

3 Atraie 1832

Frustration frustration frustration!

Emeline has been crying for the past 6 days and is STILL crying.
Honestly... my patience is about to run out...
I have to admit... going off with that annoying, absurd, loud-mouthed brat will not be any fun at all... but hey, she gets to go on an all-expense-paid adventure. It's a hundred times better than marrying Duke Frederick the Balding of Billygate, if you asked me.

Oh my gosh! that was the loudest wail I've ever heard coming from Emeline. If she's not going to stop the noise soon I'll smack her soundly. It's 2 am for goodness sake!

4 Atraie 1832

So the great and mighty Sir Bob has finally been released. What joy. Overheard the chambermaids laughing over what he said about not having proper toilets and drainage systems in his "private quarters" when he left the dungeon. I wonder if it ever got through his thick head that he wasn't in a five-star inn. Gosh...

6 Atraie 1832

Daddy decided to call upon Sir Dongdong today to let him know his duties, and how lightly he was let off. Being ignorant like he always is... he looked so pleased bowing down to the peasants (who were all attending the appointment of the dragon-slayer - one of our customs). I suppose the peasants were all too pleased to smile back and cheer for someone who's going off to kill the dreaded dragon. His expression changed drastically after daddy told him what to do. I think daddy was exceptionally gracious this time as he didn't do his customary kick-in-the-butt to the knights he hated when he sent them off. I think it is because he is the first knight that has amused daddy so much that daddy's health improved tremendously since the knight's fall in the fountain... Must have been all the deep belly-shaking breathes caused by laughter... Hmm. Must take note of that and let the doctor know.

I have to say though, that Sir Bob has good and strong features... I believe he's even good looking, if he loses that arrogant and nose-in-the-air strut of his.

7 Atraie 1832

Oh, I'm so excited! I'm going off on an adventure!!!

The first time in my whole entire life.

No timid and scared chambermaids, no guards eyeing me wherever I go, no ladies-in-waiting hanging onto every word I utter, or even... mutter. They have superb hearing... I remember the time I whispered "ouch" when I burnt my lips drinking hot tea, actually it was more like a muffled grunt now that I think of it... they rushed from the door and fussed over me like I lost a head or something.

Oops, have to go. I have to pack my last minute things. Must not forget my grey cloak!
Time to meet... HIM. Ugh.

Think of the adventure.
Think of the adventure.
Think of the adventure.
DON'T think of his presence.
DON'T think of his presence!
Think of the adventure!



I couldn't believe how tired I was when we reached a roadside tavern in the evening. Listening to that idiot's rubbish really does take its toll on a girl.

Oh, I'm too tired to write...
And... not forget that I must respond to the name Emeline.

What have I gotten myself into...?
I wish my chambermaid is here now....................

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