Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Diaries of Princess Juliana: Volume III

as told by Princess Juliana

8 Atraie 1832

Felt odd that I woke up staring at the ceiling full of crooked beams instead of my lace curtains. It's a nice feeling. Hmm, cosy and... very... homey.

I went down to get some breakfast, and to my horror, I saw rats and roaches crawling all over the kitchen floor. Ugh, I almost vomited on the kitchen floor. Thankfully, before I started screaming and waking the whole place up, I saw and recognised my pet mice! Sheesh, those things! leading all the kitchen rats and roaches into a raid for food?! How bad an influence is that? Tsk. Yuck. I'll have to apologise to the innkeeper and pay for all the damages done. Ugh.I wonder how they got here in the first place.

Have to settle for the packed food we brought with us now.

9 Atraie 1832

It was strange that I woke up seeing Mazzy snoring away at my bedside this morning. Apparently - after getting the story from a sleepy Mazzy - I fainted away after having all the bad attacks of stomach pains. Oddly enough, I don't remember anything after I ate those sandwiches we had packed for us. Hmm... And it was packed by Emeline on the morning we left.

Emeline... How I miss her now...
She even gave me pink socks for luck the day before.
Ah, I distinctly remember her telling me now: "Remember, this is for you, and those are for Sir Robert. Make sure you don't lose them! They're very hard to get and are very very very lucky. I should know, as I'm the unluckiest daughter, but yet I'm so lucky to have gotten away with the dragon slaying and... ugh, adventure."

I'll put them on now. I believe I'm well enough to kill a horse... or break Sir Snooty's legs. But, nahhh... I'll keep his legs intact so that he can wear the socks that were so hard to come by. Hee. Or... Maybe I should wear both pairs - for extra extra luck.

Looks like we won't able to set off today. My legs feel so wobbly...

10 Atraie 1832

My legs were well enough to walk on after all.
Set out at noon yesterday after getting directions from the innkeeper. Sir Ask-a-lot is rather smart after all, for all the complaints he makes about having to slay the dragon and not being appreciated. He actually drew the map out quite nicely and precisely and made sure everything was set right - the food supplies enough to last till the next tavern or inn.

I wish Mazzy would quit goggling at me. Makes me feel so weird... I wonder if she knows that I'm not Emeline.
Ah, there goes Sir Order-a-lot barking orders at me to continue our journey. Off we go again.

11 Atraie 1832

I think we're lost... I believe I've been here the last time I wrote in my diary entry. The very same tree stump.

12 Atraie 1832

So much for the lucky socks...
We ARE lost. I'm too tired to even argue with Sir Stiff-neck. He won't listen to me when I told him that this is the THIRD time we're at this tree stump. I even made a mark on it yesterday. Sigh... So we're going around in circles, just like the trees in front of my eyes...

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