Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The Diaries of Princess Juliana: Volume IV

as told by Princess Juliana

14 Atraie 1832

I've been banging so hard on Sir Cranky's breastplate that my hands are still aching. Some bruises are appearing. I should sue him for violation of personal space. Or even better... let the dragon EAT him! Not that he would taste nice, but I wouldn't mind seeing the dragon have a chew at him first. Ugh.

I hate to say "I told you so" but...

And where are we?
We are in HERE??!
I know that we're HERE! where else are we supposed to be? THERE?!!!
It didn't take 2 days, not 3, BUT FOUR WHOLE DAYS TO GET HERE?

I can really smack that guy silly.
Do I look thattt dumb?

Didn't I tell him that we were lost?
Didn't I tell him that we were heading south-west?
Doesn't he know that he's not right all the time?
Does he not know how to respect another person's opinions?
Does he even know how to LISTEN??!

I can bite off one whole piece of his flesh now if I see his face now.
I'm so angry I can't even write properly.

15 Atraie 1832

Thank God for Mazzy.
I found out that it was her who carried me all the way here after I fainted.
He calls himself a man? Tsk.
I take back all the good things I've ever said about him, as little as it already is.

Thankfully Mazzy nursed me and found a doctor for me. If I were alone with him I think I would have been left behind at the tree stump. -_-
I wonder how a lousy knight got a squire as kind as Mazzy.
I also wonder why she sticks with him.

Ah... I'm just tired now.
I'm sick of arguing with him and I get a terrible headache everytime I think of him and our journey.
I hope we're not going to stay here long.
The people here look quite hostile... Especially the tall men dressed in black robes. They look quite scary. Thankfully I found a local here who's nice enough to bring me around and get things off my mind.

16 Atraie 1832

This place IS scary.
I wouldn't have dared venture out if I knew this place was crowded with wizards and witches.
I'm locking myself in this room until we depart!

I didn't know they had such serious meetings and discussed such important matters.
Save the earth from evil warlocks? Stop global swarming of gnomes? Stop lazy witches from bribing princesses to pass them their dad's kingdom secrets?

Woah... It's a good thing no one knows that I'm a princess.
And to think of that... I almost revealed that I'm not Emeline when I quarreled with Sir Stiff-neck. It's a good thing Mazzy interrupted him by saying that his hair was not in place.

Oh! I got a note under the door.
Apparently he doesn't want to talk to me as much as I don't want to talk to him.
Oh wait, I locked the door.

So... we are to leave at noon.

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