Sunday, 20 July 2008

The Diaries of Princess Juliana: Volume V

as told by Princess Juliana

18 Atraie 1832

Dear dear diary...
I feel as if all that I'm writing about is complaints about Sir Donkey Bonkey.

And boy,
I never realised that his feet stank so badly.
Seriously... I've never seen flowers and grass die like that before! All the plants/any living creature along the pathway seemed to wither, turn black and DIE! Goshhh... Now that's smelly feet for sure.

My nose must be blocked or something, I couldn't smell a thing (THANK GOODNESS).

Hmm, the journey's quieter than usual. Stinky Feet bonkers must have a lot going on in his head (for once!). He seems really sure where to go this time though. That's a little odd... for someone who doesn't know how to read the map properly. Haha!

19 Atraie 1832

The journey's a little too quiet for my liking...
Even the birds seem to have stopped singing...
Maybe this part of the country is haunted! Oh nooo~!
I knew it! Sir Boobaalaa must be a wizard in disguise!!! OH NOOO~~~

Yea right, who am I kidding?
As if anyone would want to kidnap him.
Who would want to be in his place anyway... Kicked out by his king, sent to kill the dragon...

Where are we, where are we~
All I see is...
Sir Fuss Pot, Mazzy, dead stuff (caused by Fuss Pot's smelly feet), hmm, the grey sky (even the sky is unwilling to cooperate and it feels as if the gloomy skies are pressing me down! *sigh*).

Hey hey, it's starting to rain!
We've get our coverings up.
Sheesh, that lazy bum should help us put our tents up. Grr.

20 Atraie 1832

It didn't rain...
I thought I saw the rain coming our way. :(
My eyes are playing tricks on me. It looks as if the place we stopped by last night didn't get wet.

OH! I knew that he was going to give in somehow. Ha ha!
I refused to talk to him since we quarrel. Hmm, does this means that we've patched up?

Here's what he said:

"Why are you in a rush to set the tents up?"
"The rain's coming this way! Quick, come and help us!"

Erh, ok. That doesn't count, considering he didn't even bother to help me or Mazzy. -_-"
So the fight is still on. Hmph.

He even had a surprised look on his face when I asked him to help!
THAT DOES IT! That annoying cow bum can sit in the rain when it starts raining. Looks like it's going to rain again. We better stop here for tonight. The clouds look as if they can't hold up much longer...

Good night, dear diary.
Only you don't give me problems.

21 Atraie 1832


It rain again last night! I SAW the rain clouds coming... and the weirdest thing happened! The rain clouds seemed to split over our heads and not a single drop touched us or any of our belongings.

Eee! This is freaky! What's wrong with this part of the country? O_o!

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